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Europe Summer League 

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2014 Europe Summer League Dallas Showcase #2

United States Flag June 8, 2014 - Dallas, Texas European Union Flag

University of Texas at Arlington MAC Center


2014 ESL Dallas Training Combine Staff 

2014 EUROPE SUMMER LEAGUE Dallas Training Combine #2 Staff From Left to Right: Special Guest Coach Charlie Parker (NBA, D-League, China, Bahrain), Larry Daniels (EUROPE SUMMER LEAGUE Head Trainer/Coach), Adam Prossin (EUROPE SUMMER LEAGUE Director - International Agent/Attorney)



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PROSSIN SPORTS MANAGEMENT Inc. (PSM) (www.prossinsports.com) in conjunction with MAXHOOPSKILLZ (www.maxhoopskillz.com) hosted the The 6th  Annual 2014 DALLAS INTERNATIONAL SHOWCASE Session #2 on June 8, 2014 at the University of Texas at Arlington MAC Center. This was an exciting one of a kind event. The following week we continued with player trainings 3 times per week and will do so going forward. The trainings will be led by Coach Charlie Parker of the NBA D-League's Texas Legends along with our Head Trainer/Coach Larry Daniels. Charlie has a vast amount of experiencing coaching. He was a head coach at the NCAA level at USC, an assistant coach in the NBA with The Dallas Mavericks and the New Orleans Hornets for a total of 12 years and in China as well as a head coach in Bahrain for 2 seasons from 2011-2013 where he won multiple championships. In 2013-2014 Charlie was an assistant coach with the MAVS D-League affiliate, the TEXAS LEGENDS. Charlie was a Head Coach of the GUNMA CRANE THUNDER of Japan's BJ LEAGUE in the 2014-2015 season and was an advance Scout for the BROOKLYN NETS (NBA) in 2015-2016.


Aside from the professional basketball training, the players were able to show what they can do in front of a top international basketball agency, with numerous current jobs openings worldwide, their top agent & scout, and to get current game video & stats to use to market themselves internationally. On this date we also had a few other special guests including a top agent from Japan and the Director of Scouting of the Dallas Mavericks.


This event also served as a tryout camp for our upcoming events of the 2014 EUROPE SUMMER LEAGUE which include our overseas basketball program in August and throughout the upcoming basketball season whic will include overseas training and tours to EUROPE, The Middle East and Asia as well as our AUSTRALIA SUMMER LEAGUE program. We just returned from a tour to AUSTRALIA in March where so far we have generated 10 opportunites. In September we will travel to 6 countries on a luxury cruise ship with stops in DENMARK, GERMANY, ESTONIA, RUSSIA, SWEDEN & FINLAND. You can see all of the details of our completed overseas tours at the links above.

Below here are the 3 game videos from the 3rd Annual 2014 PSM DALLAS INTERNATIONAL TRAINING COMBINE 2nd Session. We had 3 teams. We played 12 minute games with the winning team staying on the court to play the team that just sat on the sidelines and the losing team sitting to wait for the winner of the following game.


We had many excellent top level players in this training camp including Vernon Lewis (Red Shorts) who just returned from Czech Republic where he finished 2nd in the league in rebounding (played in NBA D-League the prior season), Mike Byars (Grey Shirt) who has several years experience in countries such as Turkey, Iran, Lebanon etc. as well as several other top level players including one former NBA player.

We also had a Japanese player, YUKI TOGASHI (White shorts), who was in Dallas training with coach Parker for a few months. YUKI came to this camp and was seen by the DALLAS MAVERICKS' scout who we had invited to come out to see the players. He was so impressed with YUKI that he invited YUKI to the MAVS NBA SUMMER LEAGUE team training camp. YUKI was selected to the MAVS final NBA Summer League roster. See below for YUKI's NBA SUMMER LEAGUE highlight video. YUKI continued to workout with the MAVS staff and eventually signed an NBA contract with the MAVS to come to training camp. YUKI was released from the MAVS during training camp.


Eventually YUKI was entered into the NBA Developmental League 2014 DRAFT. YUKI was drafted as the 9th pick of the 2nd round (27th overall) by Santa Cruz Warriors (Golden State Warriors affiliate) who promptly traded YUKI to the Texas Legends (Dallas MAVS Affiliate). All this was made possible by YUKI coming to this camp and being seen by the MAVS scout who we invited to come to check out all of the players for an NBA SUMMER LEAGUE opportunity. Check out the videos below.



 Session #2 - June 8, 2014 - 12 Minute Games - GAME VIDEOS

*** Click On The Expander To View In Full Screen***

GAME #1                                 GAME #2
PSM All-Stars           vs.            PSM All-Stars           PSM All-Stars           vs.           PSM All-Stars
Dark Jerseys (18) vs. Light Jerseys (19)       Dark Jerseys (26) vs. Light Jerseys (29)

PSM All-Stars            vs.           PSM All-Stars                      
Dark Jerseys (31) vs. Light Jerseys (33)  



*** Click On The Expander To View In Full Screen***


Yuki Togashi                      Yuki Togashi



*** Click On The Expander To View In Full Screen***

- 2013-2014 JAPAN BJ LEAGUE Highlights
- NBA SUMMER LEAGUE - 12 pts in 10 Minutes
Yuki Togashi           Yuki Togashi Yuki Togashi                       Yuki Togashi







Larry Daniels (Head Trainer/Coach)

Larry Daniels

2014 Europe Summer League

Head Trainer / Head Coach

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Passport: USA

Charlie Parker (NBA, D-League, International Coach)

Charlie Parker

2014 Europe Summer league

Special Guest Coach

NBA, D-League, China, Bahrain

Passport: USA

Adam Prossin (International Agent/Attorney)

Adam Prossin

2014 Europe Summer league

Director / International Agent

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Passport: CANADA





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