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Europe Summer League 

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Europe Summer League

Australia Summer League

Australia Summer League

PSM All-Stars Basketball

PSM All-Stars Basketball

Prossin Sports Management Inc.

Global Basketball Training
PROSSIN SPORTS MANAGEMENT, INC. is a full service professional sports management corporation. We have clients competing in in numerous countries throughout the world.

Our client base has had experience in leagues from the lowest level minor leagues through the top level of professional basketball in numerous countries.

We Have Established Contacts With Teams in the NBA, NBA Developmental League as well as in all of the top leagues worldwide. In fact we deal with top league teams from over 100 Countries Worldwide in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, North America as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Adam L. Prossin, Esq. has been a practicing attorney since 1994. He has been the proprietor of  his own law firm for the majority of the time that he has been in the practice of law. The Prossin Law Firm is a international law firm with a proven track record in global business and a track record built around professionalism, personal service and rapid response. The Prossin Law Firm advises and represents individuals and corporate clients globally.

The Prossin Law Firm has advised and represented clients from all regions of the world. Key practice areas include sports and entertainment, corporate, commercial, banking, finance, taxation, major litigation, dispute resolution, insolvency and trusts & estates.
We gained an extensive amount of experience in negotiating deals to solve complex disputes as well as in representing clients in achieving the best possible contracts to suit their needs.

had a vision of the ideal sports agent as a person with the highest level of moral and ethical standards while being a forceful advocate in representing and negotiating on behalf of a successful professional athlete. We believe it takes tenacity and dedication to the athlete and his or her overall lifetime goals in order to provide a superior commitment to excellence that results in an ideal working relationship between the athlete agent advisor and the athlete that will provide a winning combination in attaining the athlete's short term and long term career and economic goals on the field of play as well as off. Prossin Sports Management Inc. will provide you with these attributes.

Prossin Sports Management Inc. makes a commitment to its clients to provide the athlete with the best possible well rounded representation by being a strong advocate and negotiator on behalf of the athlete while maintaining a superior ethical compass in the manner that the Athlete Agent Advisor conducts himself in representing our clients.

You should feel confident that your Athlete Agent Advisor will stand behind you. Our vast experiences and the wide array of professional services, from personal to contractual to financial, that Prossin Sports Management Inc. can provide to you should make it clear that together your goals can be achieved which will foster a successful future for you and the long term well-being of your family. Our background in estate planning and tax in particular would be beneficial to any athlete in planning for his or her future and their family's financial well-being.

Over the last few years Prossin Sports Management Inc. has been an industry leader in conducting Professional Basketball Tours, Training Camps, combines, exposure tournaments and we have also had our own professinal teams that played official regular season games. The main focus is to give high level players and undiscovered talent the chance to be seen and to get current game stats and videos that will allow them to become more competitive in their attempts to land a job with an overseas professional basketball team.

We also have our own professional basketball team, The Prossin Sports Management (PSM) All-Stars. We have played in and held our own professional basketball tournaments. Also for 2 seasons we have had our own team in the International Basketball League (IBL) which is a well established professional basketball league in the USA. We have also toured the world. We have traveled overseas with and have taken players to play games and play in tournaments to be seen by real teams, managers & coaches from top leagues in numerous countries throughout the world including Italy, Serbia, France, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Portugal, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Australia, Philipines, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Libya, Angola, Nigeria, Congo and others. Our teams have also been involved in official league tournaments in numerous countries and have been the first non-league teams allowed to participate in these torunaments in countries such as Latvia, Hungary, Australia, Italy & Austria.

In 2011 we were undefeated going17-0.

Our professionally run team has allowed players to get actual game action, stats and video from regular season professional basketball games to make themselves more marketable to overseas teams. We post our games and stats online to further help players. We also prepare professional bios with stast, photos and video links for all of our players and psot those online to make it even easier for our players to be marketed for professional playing opportunites worldwide.

PSM has held basketball tour/camps/torunaments internationally and hosting the 2017 Europe Summer League will give players a chance to show their skillset to coaches, general managers, scouts and teams from thorughout the world in the hopes of landing a contract with a team for the 2017-2018 basketball season.

Adam Prossin

Adam Prossin
Adam Prossin
Director of the Europe Summer League
President, Corporate Counsel &
Athlete Agent Advisor
FIBA Approved Agent - Practicing Attorney

- FIBA Approved Player Agent - As a Practicing Attorney, Mr. Prossin is approved to deal with all teams worldwide who are FIBA members as well as all teams who are mot affiliated with FIBA.

Mr. Prossin is an international sports agent who has contacts with team owners, managers, coaches, scouts, league and federation officials in over 75 countries throughout the world. He is the President, Corporate Counsel and Athlete Agent Advisor of Prossin Sports Management Inc. (www.prossinsports.com) and he represents players & coaches who have played at all levels from entry level jobs overseas through the top levels of professional sports in the world including in the Olympics.

Adam Prossin is licensed to practice and a member of the bar in California, Washington State, The Federal District Court, District 9 as well as The United States Tax Court. He is also  a FIBA approved player agent as a licensed attorney.

Adam Prossin is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada. He has lived in San Diego, California and Seattle, Washington over the last 17 years. Adam grew up playing and enjoying many sports including Hockey, football, baseball, softball, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis and racquetball. He has experience as a player, coach, referee and league administrator. Even though Adam represents athletes in a number of different sports when it comes to his own athletic competition his first instinct is to lace up the skates and go play some ice hockey. Adam still plays competitive Ice hockey in men's leagues in Seattle and San Diego and he competes in tournaments two to four times a year.

Mr. Prossin attended university at The University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario where he received a bachelor's degree, BA in Political Science. After a career in real estate sales and marketing Adam decided to go back to school to become an attorney. He received a Juris Doctor, (law degree) from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. After law school Adam attended Golden Gate University, School of Law in San Francisco where he received an advanced Law Degree, a Master of Laws in Taxation, (LLM Taxation).

Adam's legal practice was becoming more focused on being an Athlete Agent Advisor to professional athletes, in various sports, who have playing experience in numerous countries throughout the world. He eventually decided to focus his energy full time in the area of athlete representation. Mr. Prossin then created Prossin Sports Management Inc. (PSM Inc.).

Mr. Prossin's background as an attorney would benefit you greatly as various issues develop throughout your career that would call for the counseling and advice of a legal professional and help you achieve success. His background in estate planning and tax in particular would be beneficial to any athlete in planning for his or her future and their family's financial well-being.

If you are looking for an Athlete Agent Advisor with the highest level of moral and ethical standards as well as the utmost level of personal integrity then Mr. Prossin would like to have the opportunity to discuss the numerous benefits that Prossin Sports Management Inc. could bring to you, your career and your vision of your family's bright future.

For more information or to discuss your future professional athletic career with Mr. Prossin you can contact him at:

Adam L. Prossin
Attorney at Law
Athlete Agent Advisor
Prossin Sports Management Inc.
2550 NE Park Drive #5
Issaquah, WA 98029-2624
Phone: +1 (206) 923-9333
Skype: adam.prossin

Larry Daniels

Coach Larry Daniels
Larry Daniels
Larry Daniels
Director of Athlete Training
Director of Tours, Combines and Training Camps
Player Mentor
Talent Evaluator/Head Coach

- Over 20 Years of top level international basketball experience as a Trainer/Coach/Player

- 4 Years of NBA training camp experience as a player
Larry Daniels currently wears many hats with Prossin Sports Management Inc. Larry is a Professional Athlete Trainer. He also serves as a combine and training camp Director as well as serving as a Player Mentor to young players, a Scout and an Evaluator of Talent being considered by Prossin Sports Management inc.

Larry Daniels is originally from Detroit, Michigan. He has lived overseas for most of the last 18 years during a basketball playing career that saw him play professionally at top levels in 15 different countries.

After a stellar career at Eastern Michigan University, Larry took his basketball skills overseas where he has great success playing as a professional  in many high level competitions in Europe such as the ULEB Cup and EURO Cup while receiving numerous awards and accolades throughout the world as a player. Along the way he also spent 4 different seasons in NBA training camps.

During his playing career Larry has also been actively involved as a basketball trainer, coach and mentor to basketball players from youth levels all the way up through the top levels of professional basketball overseas.

Larry created his company, Maxhoopskillz.com as a tool to train players at all levels from youth through high school and college and into the pro ranks. Larry has developed basketball training programs for communities and recreation centers that cater to all ages. More information can be found at

We would also like to congratulate Larry Daniels for being named the DISTRICT COACH OF THE YEAR in his first year as a coach in the Dallas, TX area school system for 2010-2011.

Since 2009 Larry has been the Head Trainer and Head Coach of our professional basketball team, The Prossin Sports Management Inc.'s (PSM) All-Stars, and he has led the team in numerous countries throughout the world vs. real top level teams in officially sanctioned games and official league sanctioned tournaments in countries such as Italy, Serbia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Macedonia, Australia, United Arab Emirates and others. Larry has also had the same role with a professional basketball team based in Dallas, Texas as well as with the PSM All-Stars IBL teams during the 2010 & 2011 seasons as the Head Coach and Head Trainer.

Larry led the 2011 PSM All-Stars professional team to an undefeated 15-0 season.

In 2015 & 2016 Larry Daniels was the head coach of the BUNDABERG BULLS, professional basketball team in the Queensland Basketball League in AUSTRALIA.

Click here to see Larry Daniels' Coaching/Training resume: Larry's Resume

You can contact Larry Daniels at:

Email: larry@prossinsports.com

Coach Charlie Parker

Coach Charlie Parker

Coach Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker - NBA Coach
Special Guest Coach/Trainer
Player Mentor
Talent Evaluator/Head Coach

- 25 Years of top level Coaching Excperience

- 13 Years of NBA Coaching experience

- 14 Years of NCAA Coaching Experience

- 5 Years of International Coaching Experience

Coach Charlie Parker has a resume that is deep with caoching experience at the highest levels. Charlie was a coach in the NBA for 13 seasons. That was preceeded by 14 years as an NCAA coach. Charlie began his coaching career in 1988 at Wayne State University. He was the Head caoch at wayne state from 1988-1996. In 1996 Charlie took a position with The University of Southern California (USC) as an assistant coach in 1996 and he was with USC through 1996 in varius roles including as the team's Head Coach in his final season, 1995-96. In 1996 CHarlie decided to make the jump to the NBA and he accepted an assistant coaching position with the Dallas Mavericks. Charlie was in this role for 10 seasons until 2006. In 2007 Charlie moved to the Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets, also as an assistant coach where he stayed for 3 seasons until 2010. After the 2010 Season Charlie decided to move in a different directions. He dassepted a position in CHINA as a lead assistant coach. After 1 season in China many international head coaching opportunities were avaiable to Charlie. He decided to go to the middle and coach in Bahrain. In his 2 season as a head coach in Bahrain, Charlie led his team to multiple league and Cup titles. In 2013 Charlie saw an opportunity to come back to Dallas to work with Eduardo Najera, the new head caoch of the Texas Legends, NBA D-League team as an assistant.

During the 2014-2015 season Charlie was the head coach of the Gunma Crane Thunder of the JAPAN BJ LEAGUE. during the 205-2016 season Charlie again worked in the NBA with the Brooklyn NETS as an advance scout.

In the summer of 2016 Charlie accepted an offer to be the NATIONAL TEAM HEAD COACH of the TAIWAN MEN's SENIOR NATIONAL TEAM.

Coach Charlie Parker has a longstanding relationship with Europe Summer League Director Larry Daniels and through this connection we were able to bring Charlie into the fold. We are very lucky to have Charlie working with us helping with our training program, combines and other events still to come.

Click Here to se Coach Charlie Parker's Resume: Charlie's Resume

You can contact Charlie Parker at:

Email: charlie@prossinsports.com



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